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Infrared Sauna
$30 Single Treatment

Infrared Sauna Treatment at Collin County Cryo

Healthcare professionals around the world use far-infrared heat to treat a wide array of diseases. The radiant heat penetrates below the skin, helping your body detoxify harmful substances that have accumulated. Far-infrared heat provides the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation. A typical infrared sauna treatment last anywhere between twenty and forty-five minutes. The temperature inside an infrared sauna is adjustable and averages a comfortable 100 °F to 140 °F. Even better, Infrared sauna leaves you feeling invigorated, not depleted like conventional saunas. Unlike most other saunas our sauna offers advanced near, mid and far infrared technologies. Moreover, the full Spectrum heating system provides all wavelengths 100% of the time to optimize your sauna session.

Benefits Include:

– Relieves Muscle Pain & Joint Stiffness –

– Provides Pain relief –

– Burns Calories –

– Eliminates Toxins –

– Improved Blood Circulation –

– Boosts the Immune System –

– Increases Metabolism –

– Improves Skin Tone –

– Reduces Stress –

– Helps Fight Depression & Anxiety –

Infrared Sauna Videos