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Massage Therapy
Half Hour
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Massage Therapy at Collin County Cryo

It is difficult to find the right massage therapist who listens, understand and provides relief your specific ailment. Our licensed massage therapists have over 50 years of combined professional experience. Furthermore, they have provided thousands of massages. Massage therapy has been proven to be beneficial in treating back pain, neck pain, bursitis, chronic pain, arthritis, depression, muscle soreness and stiffness. At Collin County Cryo our massage therapists specialize in trigger point massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage and Lymphatic drainage.

Massage Therapists at Collin County Cryo

Deanna Carter

Jennifer Woodwell


Benefits Include:

– Helps relieve Stress and Anxiety –

– Provides relief of headaches –

– Provides relief for sports injuries –

– Provides relief from muscle and joint pain –

– Helps with digestive disorders –

– Provides relief from soft tissue strains and injuries –

– Helps with Fibromyalgia –

– Provides relief from temporomandibular joint pain –

– Relief form lower back pain –

– Relief from migraines –